Do you wish to get your dream’s house? If you don’t want to commit to a full design sevice, we offer you the solution of e-design.

E-design is fun, fast, easy and most of all friendly budget! You can start with any room you want and depending on your mood and budget, you keep on with the rest whenever it’s convenient for you.

Decorating your home can be incredibly fun and we’re here to help you through the process. Everything is done via email and in 4 weeks you’ll have in your hands your new space design proposal.

What should I send?

1. General photos of the room
taken from room’s entrance and all other angles, during daylight.

2. Photos of each wall in the room
please make sure part of floor and ceiling are captured in photos.

3. Measurements of your space

4. Photos and measurements of any existing furniture
or other items you want to keep in the room.

5. Inspiration images
and a link to your pinterest board.

6. Fill out the questionnaire

Our collaboration steps – what you get

1) Upon receiving your payment and email with “What should I send” section information, we start working at your project. We also may need to contact you for additional details (like are you a “sectional” type or a “club chair” type, etc).

2) First you’ll receive an email with inspiration and color board. Once you make sure we’re on the right track, we move forward with exact products, paint colors, etc, based on your budget.

3) Then you’ll get moodboard with the exact products, paint colors, etc, to give you a sense of the aesthetic and feel of the space. As soon as you tell us “eNJOY architects you are amazing, it’s exactly what I wanted. I have no changes at all”, we plug all the products into a floorplan and we send you;

the floorplan with all the proposed products in it

a shopping list for products to purchase

How much time does e-design take?

The whole process takes approximately 4 weeks. However depending on your response in our emails, time may vary.

How much e-design services cost?

1. hourly fee for designer’s office work;

– 20€/hour

2. hourly fee for designer’s services outside office;

– 25€/hour

(it covers the area of Thessaloniki city)

We offer up to two revisions for each step of our e-design services. Further revisions are charged hourly.

Vat is not included in the above prices.