Anastassia resort

Anastassia resort

Through their e-design services, eNJOY architects were assigned with the design and identity re-invention of a small resort that was under construction. In collaboration with their associates Lightsense and Doodler, they worked on the interior and exterior spaces and facades redesign. They were involved in every aspect of the process, from the lighting and the feeling of the spaces to the logo design of the small hotel.

Project: Interior and exterior design - logo design
Client: Anastassia resort
Services: e-design
Paraskevi Papasotiriou Architect
lighting design: Thanos Ioannidis, Elec. Engineer MSc MA, Lightsense
logo design: John Tzitziras, graphic and web designer, Doodler

Description / Proccess

peaceful environments, not only for vocation

Despite the small size of the rooms, eNJOY architects succeeded in creating peaceful interior environments with plenty of storage space, suitable not only for summer vocation, but also for long-term rental during the winter.