M23-Six storey apartment building

M23-Six storey apartment building

eNJOY architects were assigned with the design of a six-storey apartment building in the area of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki.

Project: M23 – Six storey apartment building      Client: Dimanidis Development
eNJOY architects’ services: Architectural Study, Issuance of Building Permits,
Architectural Study / Inderior Design Concept: Dimitris Arapogiannis (architect), Paraskevi Papasotiriou (architect)     
Mechanical Studies:
 Econstruct       Structural Design: Stavros Dimanidis, civil engineer


Inspiring design for all

This project pertains to a small residential building of apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms. The main focus of the architectural study was to respond to the developer’s brand, to maximize the buildable surfaces by utilizing the NOK benefits, to ensure the positive impact to microclimate enhancing thermal and visual comfort while maintaining the project’s economy and high quality, meeting at the same time the needs and demands of the target market.