The area of “Ptolemeon” Street is located in the historical center of Thessaloniki. Until the end of the 90’s it was the center of the textile manufacturing life of the city.
The last years, “Ptolemeon” is changing character and is being transformed into a popular permanent residential area for “City Lovers”.
eNJOY architects were assigned with the subdivision of a 220sqm property on the 2nd floor of a textile manufacturing building into five, fully furnished one bedroom apartments.

Project: P2 – subdivision to 5 apartments of a textile manufactoring property      Client: Shoval Yazamoot SA
Services: Design, Supervising, Issuing permits     Architects Paraskevi Papasotiriou in collaboration with Christina Gogoula
Mechanical Engineer Sakis Kolotsios
lighting consultant Thanos Ioannidis, Elec. Engineer MSc MA, Lightsense

Description / Proccess

Inspiring design for all

Our moves were determined by the urge to maintain flows and bring as much natural light inside the new spaces, the existing sewer lines in the building, the tight budget and the Building Regulations.
Toilet and kitchen areas are located near the entrance, leaving more space by the windows for the bed and the living area. The floor is partially raised to accommodate the new toilet sewage pipes running towards the existing sewer line. To maximize space, custom made built-in beds, sofas and low walls with shelves have been created above the pipes route.
All the five apartments feature a light color palette to maintain brightness and the feeling of openness. The use of natural wood along with the grey cement tones, the neutral surfaces and some black accents in furnishing create a cozy and warm atmosphere.