P7-conversion of abandoned commercial space to apartments

P7-conversion of abandoned commercial space to apartments

eNJOY architects redesign an old abandoned commercial space to form dwellings. It’s developed in the core of Thessaloniki City, on the last floor of an old fabric manufacturing building.

P7 project is eNJOY architects’ response to abandoned properties’ reality and an effort to reinvent them into vessels of life.

Project: P7 – Conversion of abandoned commercial space to apartments      Client: Shoval Yazamoot AE
Total Buildable Area: 730sqm
eNJOY architects’ Services: Studies – Inderior Design, Supervision, Issuance of Building Permit
Concept / Architectural Study / Inderior Design : Paraskevi Papasotiriou (architect)
Architect assistant for the Architectural Study: Christina Gogoula (architect)    
Mechanical Studies:
Athanassios Kolotsios (mechanical engineer)
Lighting Consultant: Thanos Ioannidis, Electrical Engineer MSc MA, Lightsense  
Paraskevi Papasotiriou (architect),  Athanassios Kolotsios (mechanical engineer)  
© studiovd.gr/N.Vavdinoudis-C.Dimitriou  
Photoshooting Styling :
Fotini Politaki, Mei Bellou

Description / Proccess

Inspiring design for all

The main challenge for eNJOY architects was to achieve the fundamental spatial qualities of a residence with the minimum design means.

The transparent materiality, as well as some design elements – like the repeating lighting stripes – and the absence of hard limits between spaces contribute to the spatial fluidity and permeability. Furnishing is kept to the absolutely essential leaving room to the end-users for personal adjustments.

For the front 1-bedroom apartments, the architectural and design finishes are neutral and the chosen materials and textures give a warm feeling of balance in the space. Minimum color additions and black details like the bedroom frames, add character to the apartments underlining their somewhat industrial background.

For the back studios, grass-cyan color splashes create a vivid and calm feeling that balances the restrictions of their limited space.