K15 student residences

K15 student residences

We were asked to update a student residential building by redesigning its facade and the dated rooms. Despite the strict building regulations of the area and the owner’s demand for keeping all the interior walls and the infrastructure, eNJOY architects succeeded in giving a fresh air at the building by using the minimum means.

Project: Refresh dated student residences
Client: Private
Services: Design
Paraskevi Papasotiriou Architect

Description / Proccess

affordable design for all

During the previous years, the stairwell on the front facade of the building had closed illegally with poly-carbonate sheets creating a green house effect inside. So, we opened it again and we organized the facade by using aluminum blinds that allow the free circulation of the air. The facade design on the ground floor had to offer security, be reversible and aligned to the existing masonry. So, we came up with the idea of using a metal laser cut sheet with the K-15 signage which is the name we gave to the building after the initials of the street.

Regarding the interior design, we combined custom made furniture with ready made and were responsible for all the finishes and decoration elements.